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Monthly Archives: December 2013

On the 12th Day of Privacy, ISO gave to me….

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No, not this ISO  – THIS ISO  Written by Nancy Adams, CPCU The question is not whether a company will be the target of a data breach, but when.    Verizon’s most recent Data Breach Investigation Report states that, in 2012, there were over 47,000 reported security incidents, which resulted in 621 confirmed data disclosures and at… Continue Reading

On the 11th Day of Privacy, class counsel served on me……

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. . . a data breach class action.  Hackers and plaintiffs’ lawyers could combine to make 2014 the year when class actions concerning theft of sensitive information proliferate.  On this 11th Day of Privacy, we look ahead at the prospects for privacy class actions in the coming year. Written by Kevin McGinty When asked why he robbed banks,… Continue Reading

On the 10th Day of Privacy, my employer gave to me …..

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And, no — it was not a big fat bonus.    On this 10th Day of Privacy, we  look ahead at employment related privacy issues …. Written by Michael Arnold As use of social media and other technologies continue to raise serious employment-related privacy issues in the workplace, expect to see a flurry of activity… Continue Reading

On the 9th Day of Privacy, the European Union Gave to Me . . .

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. . .  a delayed delivery notice for the biggest package of the holiday season! Written by Susan Foster, Solicitor, England & Wales/Admitted in California, CIPP-E (LONDON) Major changes are on the way in Europe that will have a significant impact on companies anywhere in the world that collect or process personal data of residents… Continue Reading

Data Brokers Under Scrutiny

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The Senate Commerce Committee released this morning its majority staff report, A Review of the Data Broker Industry: Collection, Use, and Sale of Consumer Data for Marketing Purposes, on the practices data brokers use to collect and sell personal information of consumers and how those practices affect the privacy of hundreds of millions of Americans. … Continue Reading

On the Eighth Day of Privacy, my Mobile Apps Know Everything About Me . . .

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Of all the “Days of Privacy” looking forward to 2014, we believe that the issues surrounding mobile applications and privacy will see some of the most intense regulatory focus …. read on, and be prepared…. Written by Jake Romero, CIPP/US One could argue that the guiding principle behind the exponential growth and pervasive influence of… Continue Reading

On the Seventh Day of Privacy, the FTC Gave to Me….

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Significant compliance obligations with children’s privacy rules!  Written by Julia Siripurapu, CIPP/US Last December, the FTC gave to us the long awaited (or maybe not so much by covered entities!) final amendments to the 14-year old Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) Rule (the “COPPA Rule,” and as amended, the “Amended COPPA Rule”). Published in… Continue Reading

On the Fifth Day of Privacy, the SEC Gave to Me…..

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Sing it with me now….. FIVE GOLDEN RULES! Written by Adam Veness As public companies prepare for the New Year and the start of yet another annual reporting season, it is the perfect time to reflect on our 2013 prediction that the SEC would require greater disclosure relating to cybersecurity risks and data breaches.  As… Continue Reading

On the Fourth Day of Privacy, the Internet gave to me….

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Editor’s comment:  Today’s version of “four calling birds” might look more like: your refrigerator, your smartphone, your home security system and your energy management system…..all connected to the Internet of Things Written by Jonathan Cain, CIPP/G Web cameras, burglar alarms, fitness monitors, smartphones, and a host of other internet connected devices all have the potential to… Continue Reading

DoD Requires Safeguarding Technical Data

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The Department of Defense (DoD) has published its new final rule governing the security measures imposed on DoD unclassified technical information resident on or passing through the unclassified information systems of its contractors and subcontractors. This final rule will require contractors to safeguard unclassified controlled technical information and to report the compromise of such information… Continue Reading

On the Third Day of Privacy, My Smartphone Followed Me…

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Written by Amy Malone, CIPP/US In 2013 geolocation and biometrics were hot topics.  Apple included a fingerprint reader on the new iPhone which was either really cool or an epic fail depending on your viewpoint, and Google and the NSA are tracking our every move. While Edward Snowden’s revelations may have been eye opening (and… Continue Reading

Congratulations are in order…

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Mintz Levin has added three new Certified Information Privacy Professionals to its ranks – Jonathan Cain, a member in our Washington D.C. office, Susan Foster, a member in our London office, and Jake Romero, an associate in our San Diego office. This brings the total number of CIPPs in our Privacy & Security group to six,… Continue Reading

On the Second Day of Privacy, California Gave to Me……

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Well, the headlines don’t exactly work with the traditional tune, but blame the editor for that….. Written by Jake Romero, CIPP/US 2013 was a busy year for California.  We passed a budget with a surplus, let Kim and Kanye get engaged in one of our stadiums and panicked over possibly losing Sriracha sauce.  At the… Continue Reading

Coming Next Week: The 12 Days of Privacy

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Haul out the holly, fill up the stockings, even though it’s just one week past Thanksgiving day…..   Rather than look back at 2013, next week the Privacy & Security blog will count down The 12 Days of Privacy, looking ahead to what we might expect in 2014.    The editor’s muse for this series… Continue Reading

Time to Change that Facebook Password

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If you haven’t been paying attention to “password hygiene” preached by this blog and others, perhaps it’s time.    Jose Pagliery from CNNMoney reports of a large-scale hack that has compromised over 2 million passwords at Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Yahoo and others. Here is the partial list – 318,000 Facebook accounts 70,000 Gmail, Google+ and YouTube accounts… Continue Reading

The Dark Cloud Over Nordstrom’s Black Friday: California Law May Prohibit Retailers from Collecting Email Addresses at Checkout

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Written by Jake Romero, CIPP/US This past weekend if you survived the towel aisle and other Black Friday dangers and made it to the register to purchase your items, it is possible you were asked to provide an email address so that your receipt could be emailed to you.  This type of request is the… Continue Reading