Tech Daily Dose reports on the House of Representatives’ entry into the federal privacy legislation act.

The Consumer Privacy Protection Act of 2011 specifically would:

• Require covered entities to notify consumers that their personally identifiable information as defined in the bill may be used for a purpose unrelated to the transaction.

• Require entities to notify consumers of any material change in their privacy policy.

• Require covered entities to establish a privacy policy with respect to the collection, sale, disclosure for consideration, or use of the consumer’s information and such policy be made easily available for consumers.

• Require an entity to provide consumers the opportunity to preclude the sale or disclosure of their information to any organization that is not an information-sharing partner.

• Provide for a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) approved five-year self-regulatory program and prescribes requirements for a self-regulatory consumer dispute resolution process.

• Require the FTC to presume that an entity is in compliance with this Act if it participates in an approved self-regulatory program.

• No private right of action.

• Full state preemption.